Design Guide

“Duraform ProX PA” SLS Sintering Plastics Design Guide


This document is a great guide to design successful 3D printed parts that are optimized for the SLS process.  It covers common design features with suggestions regarding clearances, feature sizes etc.  Please download and use a reference.  You are welcome to call us to discuss your design questions at any time.

“Sandstone” AEC Design Guide

Designing with sandstone printing in mind will help enourmously to facilitate really effective models, and greatly reduce issues in the printing and post processing of the printed models.  The link below provides access to a comprehensive document that guides the designer in the use of this powerful technology.

“Visijet Crystal” Design Guide

The MJM process using Visijet Crystal is a great technology for hard plastic parts that require fine details and small features.  The technology is well suited to smaller parts and really complex geometries with fine features.  Common applications include the following:

  • Custom Hearing Protection
  • Small detailed plastic enclosures
  • Highly detailed models (Trains etc.)
  • Short run injection moulding inserts
SDL Design Guide

The SDL process uses standard office paper to produce strong high quality parts.  The parts can be printed in high definition colour using millions of colours.  Please download “How Paper-based 3D Printing Works” for an insight into the process and technology.